Curragh Equine Rehabilitation Centre

Improving your horses disposition and performance

Tel.: (045) 442387
Mob.: (087) 7609565

The Curragh Equine Rehabilitation Centre based at Ballymartin Stud Farm, set on 38 acres, is ideally situated in a peaceful and quiet location in Ballysax, The Curragh. In the heart of the thoroughbred county of Kildare, the centre boasts excellent facilities and a professional management team, combining talents to form a multi-disciplinary team.

The purpose of the centre is to provide the equestrian industry with a professional and innovative approach to addressing problems encountered with horses, and to help improve a horse’s disposition and performance.

In conjunction with the veterinary profession and equine physiotherapy the centre also works towards addressing pain related issues, aiming to eliminate problems which limit the horse’s progression in training and consequently their ability to perform to their maximum.